5 Ways to Identify a Bad Interior Designer


The qualities of a bad interior designer are something you should be well-known to find the ones not having them. GGS Interior works is a leading Interior Designers in Madurai, sharing you 5 ways to identify a bad interior designer for your home interior design.

Well Recognized:

Interior Designers are must have well recognized offices of their own. Not owning an office will create dissatisfaction among the customer. Just noting down the contact numbers of the designers and to begin the work is not recommended. If you have an office for Interior design, it will give you an insight of how good you are at Interior Designing.

Past Experience:

The skill of the designer is the proof of his knowledge in interior design. Only an experienced Interior Designer knows the importance of house-aging factors and infusing luxury with functionality. An Interior Designer in Trichy must have complete minimum of 10 interior design projects, so that it gets easier for you to estimate his work accurately.

Knowledge of Materials:

Being an interior designer they need to update all latest updation on interior designing and offer the latest options to the client. If He/she should have knowledge about the latest materials and should be able to resource them at an affordable cost as well. A designer not well updated needs to be cut short.

Genuine Ideas Vs Copied Ideas:

Go through the earlier works done by the interior designers, if you find the designs to be copied or bad, you don’t need to encounter the one. Ultimately work is something no employer wants to negotiate with. The designs can be good, bad, ugly and apparently speak for themselves as it is said “each home has something to say”.

Awareness of Budget and Prices:

Along with the information of the new materials, awareness of the prices of those is also needed so that the client doesn’t require enquiring about the prices on his/her own. Beware of the uninformed designers as you would not want to burn a hefty hole in your pocket with a wrong interior designer who procures things from just anywhere without comparing the prices.