Advantage and Disadvantage of a PVC Doors


PVC doors are acceptable for the highly praised benefits of vinyl and have established to be a great solution for affordable and durable doors. However, their use is also connected with some drawback and there are limitations to their application. Read this guide for information on the advantage and disadvantage of a PVC Doors in Trichy to aid you determine if they are an accurate choice for your needs.

Advantage of a PVC Door


PVC doors are weightless and can be installed with less effort. On an everyday basis, their weightless character facilitates easy and effortless process.


Low maintenance is a huge advantage withPVC Cupboard Designs. Unlike steel and wooden doors which require usual maintenance, PVC doors only need a routine dusting or wiping down with cleaning agents and soft cloth.


Vinyl is a material has better durability. They are anti-corrosive, chemical and moisture-resistant. The high durability of vinyl gives the doors excellent weather resistance and they can survive a wide range of temperature conditions.


PVC Cabinets in Madurai are entirely eco-friendly material and when decommissioned, these plastic doors can be recycled for their material.


PVC doors are very low priced and provide great value considering their superior durability. The low maintenance of these doors results in further cost savings.


PVC has good insulation properties and PVC Cupboards in Trichy can contribute to the energy efficiency of a building. The doors are hollow with an insulation filling and seal with a tight rubber seal. Even when they are combined with glass, the use of double glazed panels can improve their insulation properties. Doors in PVC are popularly used as patio doors.

Disadvantage of a PVC Door

Exposure to sunlight

Though the PVC manufacturing process improves the resistance to ultraviolet light, PVC doors are known to degrade when bare in harsh sunlight. The sun exposure causes the doors to fade, discolor and become more brittle. This aspect is essential when considering exterior doors for facades which receive direct sunlight.